Our Core Values

All staff of CCDOis duty bound to be honest, reliable and accountable to their decisions and actions while on duty and in dealing with various stakeholders at all times.

CCDO upholds values of truthfulness and all staff are expected to emulate this value as they demonstrate integrity and respect to all her clients, partners, and communities we serve.

All CCDO staffs are expected to demonstrate and adhere to high professional standards in their undertakings. This is critical to CCDO’s pledge towards quality services.

Team Work
CCDO believes supporting and promoting a diverse and yet unified team working together towards a common goal. The organization will ensure that all staff at all levels recognize, appreciate and respect each other’s contribution towards the existence of CCDO. Equal opportunity is embedded in this value.

Community Participation
At CCDO it is recognized that the community is the reason why CCDO exists and are therefore taken in high regard. Community participation is key to sustainable development.