About Us

Chipembere Community Development Organization (CCDO) is a women & youth led organization in the southern region of Malawi, with a headquarters at Bvumbwe Trading Centre, Thyolo district.

CCDO is committed to empowering the youth, young women, girls and children to voice out issues that affect them on their daily lives, fighting increased early marriages, preventing the further spread of new HIV/AIDS infections and mitigating its impact, advocating for the promotion of local democracy and human rights, gender equality and enhancing young people’s active participation in the socio-economic development of the nation through lobbying and advocacy, capacity building, research, documentation and policy dialogue.



Healthy, education and economic empowerment for all Women and the Youth in hard to reach communities.


Chipembere Community Development Organization (CCDO) exists to promote a good health, rights and education needs for women, young women and the youth in hard to reach areas.


The organization was formed against the background of non-recognition of rural women and young people’s initiatives in spite of their enormous contribution to the country’s economy. CCDO “envisages that all rural young people’s development is fostered, protected from neglected, exploitation, abandonment and are empowered to become self-reliant and responsible citizens in societies where democratic values and principles are respected.” 

The organization was further formed against the background of continued regard of rural youth and young women as the most vulnerable groups and immature in decision making.  Despite the most dynamic contributions of the youth to the national development, they are not recognized. All credits are unfairly given to older people as duty bearers especially men